Born in Haifa, Israel, Kfir is an American Israeli, New York based singer songwriter. Kfir started his career as a professional ballet dancer. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in London, while dancing around the world and on the biggest stages such as the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City and later in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom Of The Opera on the US national tour, Vegas and Broadway productions he felt the need to start expressing himself beyond dance:

I decided to add my voice."

Surrounded by music from childhood, from classical, pop, rock, and folk, Kfir discovered his own vocal talents by singing his favorite songs from his parents records collections of Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson and the Eurythmics. Out of this came his desire to create his own music. Kfir released his first debut single, Fake It Till U Make It.  On January 1st. 2013, on its first week on youTube, the music video has got over 9000 views and pulled an astonishing 200K ad clicks on Kfir's artist page on Facebook. Kfir's sound is unique blend of Pop/Soul/Dance. His second single D’matized which was released on November 18, 2013 reached over 16K views on its first week on youTube and VEVO music channel, as well as got on to the 2013 Top 40 list of new music videos to watch on the IMVDb.

I want to create music that feels and looks good to me, music that I can dance too and feel free and emotional at the same time - a soundtrack to escort me through what I am feeling in a specific moment-- not necessarily escaping but rather basking in the emotion of the heart. - Kfir.

Today Kfir trains with renowned vocal coach Don Lawrence and Aaron Hagan. In the summer of 2014 Kfir joined the cast of the new TV drama series for Starz Network called Flesh & Bone and started principle filming as a dancer/actor in the TV drama. The show has opened doors in the TV/Film world as it also allowed Kfir the time to work on his new EP concepts and writings.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign which was completed in 2016 Kfir has been working on new EP album with singer, songwriter, producer Javi Cardellino and producer Pablo San Martin.

"My main goal is to keep writing great music, create an elaborate stage production and tour around the globe. There's nothing I love more than performing and sharing my love for music with other people...when I'm on stage I feel alive."

"when I'm on stage I feel alive." - KFIR